Hill Capitals


Account Questions

Is Hill Capitals regulated?

Yes, we are regulated by the FCA, SEC and other brokerage regulatory bodies worldwide.

How do I begin?

To commence, click on on register, fill out the form and select and investment package.

Are fractional shares regulated?

All our investment packages are regulated and insured to safeguard against potential loss.

What payment methods are accepted?

For the sake of swift transactions, we accept cryptocurrency payments. Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT are all accepted

Do I own the stocks I buy?

You own 100% of any asset you purchase.

How are withdrawals made?

You can make withdrawals anytime as long as you have funds in your investment account. Withdrawals are processed swiftly, depending on your preferred withdrawal method.

How do I cancel a running investment?

To cancel a running investment, speak to your broker or contact our support team.

Are there charges for withdrawals?

No, withdrawals are completely free

Can I withdraw my cryptocurrency?

Every asset you invest in belongs to you, you can trade, sell, reinvest or withdraw whenever you feel like.

When do my investments start yielding returns?

This depends on what asset class you are investing in and the maturity period of the said investment. Confirm from your broker the timeframe of your investment.

Can I lose my funds?

Investments with us are insured against loss. We take care of the risks 100%.

Do I pay tax on income received?

We are a regulated company and comply to all government laws. The law demands you pay taxes on earnings.